Zoids Wild NFT Arena is an NFT trading card game featuring dynamic Zoids seen in animes on various outlets.
Get ready for a nonstop battle of wits and instinct!
This game features two distinct types of cards: Units and Skills.
In total, this game will feature over 200 cards ready to be deployed
  • Even the most powerful opponents can be taken down using the right combination of cards and strategy.
    Set up your unique deck of Zoids Wild deck that fits your battle strategy and emerge victorious against your counterparts!
  • Your cards are your own, which means you can sell and purchase your unique NFT cards through Zoids Wild Marketplace.
    Zero gas fees!
    Lightning-fast transactions!
    Deck value displayed on the frontpage!
  • Every Zoids Wild card can be enhanced from 1-star to 6-stars!
    Gather up four cards of the same level to enhance your card, 1 star at a time!
  • The higher your level, the more Tokens you can earn as rewards!
    These Tokens can then be used to enhance your cards or purchase one at the Marketplace!

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